About the Organizers

The conference, Da Sodoma a Gomorra is organized by Dom Holdaway and Mariarita Martino.

Dott.ssa Mariarita Martino is currently adding the finishing touches to her Ph.D. thesis, which intends to examine how the reader and the spectator may share similar psychoanalytic receptive experiences by analyzing how narratives, both written and visual, enact scopophilic scenarios and their ideological implications, and how those narratives are shifted from the original novel to the film.  The project is intended to a) explore film adaptation in the Italian comparative panorama focusing on the reception of both written and filmic language; b) develop and implement innovative methods in the areas of intersemiotic analysis and the semiotics of reception; c) open up new approaches to the study of film adaptation.

Mr Dom Holdaway is moving into the second year of his Ph.D., writing on concepts of impegno in modern Italian cinema, with particular emphasis on representations of the mafia: I cento passi (2000), Le conseguenze dell’amore (2004), Gomorra (2008). This involves a comparative approach, returning to earlier cinemas to reconsider the film impegnato in times of ‘crisis’ in national cinema identity, relying on film theory (such as Pasolini), and politically charged engagements with crime from the 1960s through to the 1990s: Le mani sulla citta’ (1963), Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (1970), La scorta (1993).


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